Does Buying 2 Private Eye’s In A Row Constitute

So does buying 2 “Private Eye’s” in a row constitute being a regular reader or is such purchases what these kinds of rags rely on to tide themselves over.

Yes some of these things are acquired tastes, though I do find as I have stated on numerous occasions previously that when opportunity presents itself to break a habit or start a new one then you can take up a new hobby or take to expanding your mind or collective sources and resources.

Anyway I do have to admit to having once watched “Have I Got News For You” and I think one of the panellists was famously linked to this particular chip paper.

Yes it does very much run along the lines of simply demonstrating the contradictions of the so-called ELITES or “The Great & The good”, I note that I am or have become aware of one or two other linkages that I was previously unaware of, simply because Private Eye is much like that upper class toff paper that enjoys pointing the finger at the double standards of fellow members of fleet Street and so on.

Anyway it contained some interesting articles related to other papers and indeed parliamentary goings on and the politicking that takes place behind closed doors, perhaps akin to old school tie masonry of sorts, given that many of these folks do of course write and write and write and move on with little comeback as to being criticised in any way shape or form.  Private Eye, one might expect to have to make many retractions, though clearly many of its targets are perhaps non-readers or indeed people have an understanding that it is a kind od sarcastic humour.  It also perhaps demonstrates how Windows upon the World in terms of conscious awareness are somewhat limited.

In the sense that huge and great contradictions can be heard from week to week from not only ministers but journalists and those within the employ of the very many media outlets available to satiate our respective “more, more, more” appetites.

Was that a Billy Idol reference?

Quite possibly, as I did at one time strangely listen to Billy Idol type music a fair bit and indeed can recall many an anthem even now many years later.

So today I looked upon the Football Fixture List and even the Premier fixture list looks somewhat BLEAK.  What does that mean?  Well typically you see those emblazoned Headlines from Sky Sportss Boasting of Super Days, whether for Football or other sports and then a week or two later you see an alternate fixture list that is also part and parcel of the SEASONAL REALITY.

So perhaps the season of the Die Hard and the Dedicated although such weather conditions as the rain that the United Kingdom is presently experiencing does of course have the potential to bring about turnarounds and upsets from those expected results.

This season and possibly the preceding season has seen that non of the teams have been able to get a Psychology going in the fashion that SALEX managed (for example) at Man Utd for many years or indeed that which was created around those Bob Paisley teams of my young childhood in the 1970’s.

Clearly where once huge chunks of Society were happy to psychologically roll with the Societal wide herd like trance states, these days society has perhaps become closer to that great UNWIELDLY SUITCASE that you thought that extra shirt and tie would fit into though clearly won’t.

Many solutions to such an issue of course, get an extra case, ask someone else to carry the extra’s for you and very many a variant on the theme.

So for Saturday Premiership Fixture List, Dave cast his eye and gave a SIGH, still adopting the outrights versioning


Crystal Palace

Man City


West Ham

Man Utd

One does think that 4 of those games may end in a draw, though typically I when changing mind and panicking over such things usually select the wrong ones, again unsure as to reason, I thought that 1 and 2 and 4 and 5 most likely, though that again suggests I could be well of BASE or indeed that it runs from the bottom up rather than my top down approach.

An aspect I have discovered over and over again, is information being CORRECT in mental number calculations though from the WRONG DIRECTION.

This perhaps part of that MIRRORS issue I think, where once it seemed quite easy to understand the basics, as I have progressed and indeed found where some of my own intransigents lie and indeed continued study and found others to be just as fucked up, I generally decided to simply stop getting involved with some subject matters and so on completely.

So how can you get to a position of trusting your senses when you know that you are physically disabled or hampered (for example).  An interesting one that I found as I progressed with meditation was related to DENTISTRY.

During my teen years I had several TEETH REMOVED and wore train track like braces on my teeth for a year +, then once the braces were removed I also had to wear another mouth shield type device.  Such operations do not come without pain, and indeed it is typically the kind that stays with you somewhere within your mental mappings and so on, likewise as I progressed with very differing levels of Holosync I came to find such things coming to the surface before perhaps being truly released in some fashion.  Likewise I spoke on the smashing of the bones in my leg and whilst the body can release as much endorphins and so on as is humanly possible among other pain killing or neutralizing bodily fluids, you do come to see that such pains are still there, even though you become somewhat ignorant of them.

I mention that because on waking in hospital my leg was literally BURSTING AT THE SEEMS compared to the alternate leg, and I remember being told oh the swelling will go down etc, and it did as my body adapted to the new lack of bone within the flech and the all new pins drilled and associated scaffold.

So you become so focussed on not feeling pain or this that and the other, though I do think such things are related to Bodily styled RESETS, learning to walk all over again after a couple of years on crutches, is akin of course to a young child learning to walk, likewise you get to see whole new behaviours and attitudes from those you find yourself among, you may not have changed, though attitudes thoughts and feelings and behaviours of others DOES.  You can of course adopt an attitude of FOCUSSED IGNORANCE, rather than take anything personally or whatever though clearly such things may be stored up for future psychological issues.

Just as I ignored some Consultant Advice and abided by some other sections of advice, I did see several others who seemingly followed everything to the letter of advice and indeed some who ignored completely.

Bikers getting back on there bikes for example, or people told to buy a walking stick rushing out and doing just that, I opted to return to fit and healthy and walking on my own 2 feet, though jettisoned sporting activities.

So choice and options are presented and we can take things truly at FACE VALUE, or we can of course dig ourselves great psychological debates, I think I mostly stuck with Face Value opinions given based of course in a belief that the Consultant had a History of Patients and likely can predict which way any patient might react to given pieces of information.



Well of course, we all perhaps come to see that our belief as to how we REGULATE our own bodies can make all the difference in the World in terms of the conversations we have with ourselves, likewise of course multiple variables can be detrimental or have positive bearing on how you deal with such things, I know that at one time I thought myself healthy and had good quality diet and felt able to withstand excessive heat or cold or whatever irrespective of CLIMATIC conditions and weathering, I have also had phases where I had those beliefs as to communicating with myself though was not on a particularly healthy diet and drinking excessively and smoking and whist the talk and intention was STILL there, my ability to REGULATE was massively IMPEDED.

So we can overcome very many external ailments and so on, though you still need to support your SELF TALK with some physical aspects as well such as improved diet and all the rest.

Elsewhere we are hearing of discussions between the United Kingdom and Mother Russia as to borderline incursions into our Airspace, most Nations of course have designated borders and boundaries, that we all generally agree to keep and maintain so as to not end up in all out warfare, perhaps the recent Turkey incursion has people “feeling the heat” a little.

Anyway other big news noted today is this one of Euro 2016 and how wonderful France is going to be for visiting Nations, I actually think Historically at least that Sports have in TERRORIST ATTACK terms been generally avoided.  Yes we have seen COLD WAR Boycotts between Russia and The US for Olympics


Though likewise, a terror attack that occurred many years ago, I think Israel Athletes were targeted, did not go down wwell with International Communities of any stripes.  This the problem for the so-called international Big Boys Club in terms of Russia and America and China and so on, whereby far to many belligerent small Countries expect LARGE ALLIES to bail them out or abide by agreements made, when in fact no one could have predicted the change in circumstances that occurred prior to them occurring.

Not sure where my desire to keep on writing is originating at present, though clearly I can see from some of my language used that Christmas type themes are appearing.

The problem in respect of present day so-called Terrorist Empires and Communities does appear that they are generally not following any Internationally agreed upon charters.

Yes they must be getting funding from somewhere and have establishment like individuals within other nations, though in terms of Communication and DIPLOMACY, no one is seemingly willing to step forward and REPRESENT those who have become somewhat International Pariah Nations or States.

Yes we can see North Korea getting on with its Empire and other such Nation’s though clearly the respective levers of powers within many of these states are still maintained via Force and Military and so on.

Burma recently had elections and the opposition won AGAIN, though typically they still  have to get on with the Military who can step in at any time and give CORRECTION when the Politicians UPSET the POPULATION.

This occurs in some nations far more than others, though some have improved ways and means of having a get out of jail option.

Italy of course in Historical Empire terms is always demonstrated to have been internally at WAR, though likewise they have such a wide and varied quantity of Political Parties and Governance that the upheavals of History, do not seem to drag all down, where we in Britain still rush to Large groups of Large Parties that seemingly seems exceptionally outdated, no we may not want the squabbles that alternate political systems provide, though we also would rather have such goings on “Out in the open”” than the constant “Behind closed doors”.

So yes MANDARIN POWER perhaps actually over relies on the “behind closed doors” mentality when a modern reality for many a grouping is that the System no longer fits or suits the populace.

This is strange thing to be saying, especially when we talk of the History of the French Revolution and how that earlier Royal establishment quickly was done away with.

We in this Country, have had a stable Royalty that has gone through many changes over the years, though I really cannot imagine at present a change to Royalty, such is the enthusiasm and spirit and liking the country has for Wills and his wife Kate and brother Harry and so on.  How different that small contingent seems to the brothers of Charles and older collective groupings within the family and so on.  It really is not simply presentation, they genuinely CONNECT and RELATE with people in a fashion and manner that modern day Politicians and so on have seemingly not managed.

President Corbyn or Cameron might scream the Republican types, though I actually think the young Royals would win in terms of Election (in the United Kingdom) were things ever to come to that.

So I will publish this one and then continue writing because that is the sort of mood I am presently in and it can be better to keep on going and see what comes up than otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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