Yes, So, How Hard Is It To Get The Truth

What of course is being reported front and centre at present is quite interesting, in the sense that we seem to be having a debate as to bullying and beasting and so on versus otherwise.

A typical example is within the Military Realm where it is suggested that Military Chiefs “KNEW” of illegal beasting’s, even though 3 military gentlemen who ordered the beasting of a guy who died were found not guilty in terms of responsibility for his death.

Something that appears quite cut and dry, as to being a non-debate. Having 3 guys in court screams “CULTURE”.

So what will be done about such activities, very little if History is anything to go by.  Sadly of course realms such-as the Military do rely on physical fitness and exercise and drill and so on to maintain some discipline and indeed, you would have difficulty in not finding the deceased was in part, at fault, for his own eventual demise.

The question then perhaps one of appropriate discipline routines and punishments and so on being set up, given how many a realm operates on so many strikes and you’re out cultures. Many an individual within many a realm, will likely to have to admit that not only they themselves but colleagues and co-workers are only still present because a blind eye or however was made in awareness that someone was already under disciplinary measures of some description.

Something has to be seen to be done or does it? Something to think on, given the inside job mindset and DISHONOUR nonsenses.

Likewise we had a couple of individuals who died during Special Operations training, the Heat Stroke inquiry issue of last year, and again it could be suggested that “Following Orders” is all well and good though clearly, to much EMPHASIS is being placed in the TRUSTING of EXTERNAL INDIVIDUALS, who may not have your best interests at HEART.

So those giving the ORDERS perhaps in requirement of some kind of an ANNUAL RESET SYSTEM, so that they cannot become too big for their boots, in positions of Authority.  The problem of course that many a realm (in all walks of life) has promoted shysters and chancers and the so-called “willing”, some folks go to great length to play the game of “US & THEM” and “the willing” are typically possibly breaking the hardcore “US” identity that some peoples use to motivate and incentivise people. In the Military it is probably the difference between commissioned and non-commissioned officers, though I am GUESSING at this point, only able to pass such comment based in having watched Military Type TV FILM MEDIA.

Typically you can find some folks who talk and play an exceptional hardcore “US & THEM” game to the troops and co-workers and other people they want control and influence over *when in public*, though are very differing and reverential “butter would not melt in there mouth” when it comes to being “behind closed doors” with the designated “THEMS”.

So elsewhere we are seeing the BULLYING issues high-lighted as to a Children’s Facility of some description, tales of abuse and inappropriate behaviour of the staff, who are in control of the facility and so on.

This perhaps one of those issues, of some of the kids and inmates are far worse than some of the guards and so on.   You could probably come up with a chart and a map entitled “THE ESCALATION FACTOR”, many within many a realm, typically on either side of the US & THEM conumdrum BITING the provocation or taking the bait, and then things escalate until suddenly “BEFORE YOU KNOW IT” you are living and working in FASCIST HEAVEN of some Hitler’s Germany.  Again breaking the cycle and having reset’s of some description may well work, as may simple ROTATION of differing Managers and Personality types, so a manager with a reputation of conflict within one sector of a business, may well gain a differing reputation in a differing part of the Business SET-UP.  REDEMPTION then is possible, though clearly Long Term INFLUENCE & MANIPULATION TECHNICIANS have to be taken into consideration, as must the fact (on either side of the US & THEM DIVIDE), that someone stating that so and so is a complete BASTARD or BITCH is not sour grapes so, much as an on the ball assessment of some given individual.

 Likewise of course, you can go into many a realm and find that few have training that matches what OFFICIALDOM WANTS, or that can be high-lighted by NAYSAYERS & COMMENTATORS.

Elsewhere some small article relating to the BNP is interesting in claiming they have been struck from the Electoral Register Poll, for not keeping up with the paperwork and so on.  The simple and more truthful fact is perhaps that many a CLOSET BNP supporter has simply switched to the improved PRESENTATION of UKIP, the SHADES OF GREY at the borders of excess and extremities can come thick and fast.

So on a straight line scale you might have quite large colour bocks at the centre and as you move out toward the extremities and minority parties and so on, the colour scheme becomes far more stripey and busy in what you are looking at, in terms of demographic representation.

Elsewhere news as to rivers breaking their banks continue as do reports as to major large scale flooding and so on.  Have no idea as to cause and effect, given how some simple pointers and ideas pop up effortlessly and easily at lower levels of meditation and then become far more questionable as you progress.  Will the Water Boards and reservoirs be continuing to complain as to low water levels and can you look forward to a Hosepipe ban come the Summer?

Yes the infrastructure issues and debates of course will continue because as we all know, much water and other infrastructures of piping and so on, only have an expected LIFESPAN of so long, so leaks are plenty and much conserved water is lost through poor maintenance.  Is that down to the employee’s on the ground or those doing the planning and day to day strategy and best practice and so on.

In fact most INFRASTRUCTURE companies have historically relied on CONSUMERS to report leaks and damaged property and so on.  Though many a consumer of recent years has been led to believe they are getting a “bad deal” and being screwed by the infrastructure companies.  You then get into the realm of PRIVATE versus PUBLIC UTILITIES.

So just as we have a thousand and one train companies, we seem to have rather large numbers of differing groups with differing responsibilities as to UTILITY infrastructure.  I could phone some HOTLINE thinking I want to make a simple straightforward call or reporting some fault or issue, and find myself going through some pass the parcel operation of “NOT ME GUV” call centre employees.

Yes that is akin to the events I had with Barclays when trying to get access to my frozen bank account, speaking to possibly 4 or 5 individuals, whilst a callback system from Amazon (the other party in the dispute) was one person, who took complete care of the inquiry I was making.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports that the CES technologies are wondrous to behold and we can all start saving now for our hoverboards and bendy television screens and so on.  The show being high-lighted for several car related companies, showing off wares and goods at the show.  They have always been at the forefront of some technoliges anyway, though perhaps have had “I’ve seen the light” moments in realising others have been stealing there IDEAS and so on.

So I do of course seek to promote cross-realm usage of not only knowledge, but the bringing together of technologies for use in previously unseen ways and fashions.

Many a Scientific discovery or development, has come through staff working in dedicated fashion toward one problem or issue, and is completely BLIND to other issues that they may well have solved or dealt with as a byproduct.

The Chinese have removed the restrictions they were placing on there Markets, and the market has perhaps settled, though many a company and EXPERT is “CRYING WOLF”, due to mass worldwide stock market falls, we are only a week into 2016 and between 2-3 TRILLION DOLLARS has been lost World-wide, the First Month suggested to set the tone for the rest of the years, not to be confused with HP Toner washing up on a COASTAL SHORELINE near you.

So World-wide free markets are continuing to fall, and no-one is yet claiming CRASH, though a CRASH is a CRASH is a CRASH, though clearly some do try to pretend otherwise or dress such things up in BUSINESS SPEAK.  So I have suggested that ADJUSTMENTS are par for the course anyway, especially if you have larger groups of demographics taking up life changing Technologies or simply no longer buying into the delusions and fables that they have grown up with, or indeed rediscovering the truth of your story is your story to tell.

We have been rolling through toward an FA CUP week of sorts, though in honesty I have not really found the incentive and motivation toward those fixtures, seemingly becoming more and more distracted by other events.

Some military Targeting Specialists have been assisting Saudi Arabia in the Yemen and I think that only right and appropriate, much like any company provides employee’s to demonstrate and give appropriate training to use some equipment’s and goods.

No good buying a Boat or Car or Plane and so on, unless you have some knowledgeable peoples and personnel available to give you yourself some basic training and knowledge of the ins and outs of such things.

This perhaps where trouble begins, much like with Doctors and Dentists, where they can have PUBLIC Duties and INCOME, on top of PRIVATE INCOME.

Yes many a Doctor and so on, only works in public sector, though many a Consultant and those who have worked up through the rankings lives a somewhat double life of encouraging public patients to utilise health insurance and go onto their Private Lists for speedier operations and so on.

Very often of course using the same FACILTIES.  Strange how some of these “PERKS OF THE JOB” go unnoted when it comes to junior doctor wage negotiations and so on. Yes maximising usage of some facilities comes about through public private sharing of the equipment and buildings and so on, though the balance and indeed who is carrying out the checks and balance is of course disputable.

The problem for many a realm typically that of VESTED INTERESTS, so some realms work well through having EXTERNAL AUDITORS and MONITORS, though just as many struggle because, even those external individuals can cross the divide as to their behaviour and demands.

So what happens next is of course the big LOTTERY ROLLOVERS and JACKPOTS, in America an unfathomable $700 MILLION DOLLARS is up for grabs in the so-called POWERBALL, yes you have more chance of many other things in llife good and bad occurring than winning the powerball, though surely worth a punt.

The same can of course be said for the Euromillions this week at a tragic mere £44 Million and the Lotto that is now going to be won come what may as it has passed some £50 Million “must be won” TRIGGER.

Yes the real disadvantage of course, is that several changes to Lotto’s and so on down the years have seemingly had the THEM claiming better jackpots and rewards for punters, whilst those of us on the US side of the DIVIDE REPORT lower winnings and returns.

Clearly it might be suggested that someone else’s psychology has taken over the alleged randomness of the machine and geared it in the mindset of the programmers and who ever.

NO REALLY, you do not believe me, I find it harder and harder to believe in any kind of genuine RANDOM as I progress with various assisted meditations and courses, no that does not mean I can predict with 100% accuracy what will happen at any given day and moment in time and so on, though that is perhaps due to differing GOALS and so on, life for most of us being far more FLEXIBLE (hence world wide adjustments) than the RIGIDITY that lends itself to fascism in all of its forms both secret and otherwise.

I find myself in requirement of some emergency dental care at present, a filling at the cyanide capsule location has fallen out and the remainder of the tooth framework is a little on the pointy and sharp side, not yet ready to be placed beneath my pillow, though am sure that such traditions will continue for some quarters in some quadrants of life the Universe and Everything.

Apparently in this day and age, you require and need to invoke more than just the one or two role models I suggested as giving myself in terms of David’s, though given one book I read linked the SAS to MOSSAD and the CIA I had to wonder as to what other realms are there?

Yes not sure as to the CIA link actually, though given that the American Presidential Holiday Home is known as CAMP DAVID and the Copyright on MEIN KAMPH (Adolf Hitler) expired this week, leading to re publication, I though Obama could write “MEIN CAMP DAVID or some such.

Not of course to be confused with any camp individuals, though of course such things are within the mind and eye of the beholder, something I found myself seeking to explain to the not so little one, though failing admirably in my efforts. 

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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