R.I.P Brummie

I think I have already spoken on Brummie in somewhat reverential terms within the pages of this blog, simply through meeting he and his cohort Bronco Lane at a young age and hearing of the climbing expeditions and adventures in the mid to late 1970’s.

What was perhaps interesting or most fascinating for us kids about those guys was perhaps that they could not only tell a good story and yarn on there adventures, often pulling out little “ethnic toys” played by the kids in Nepal made with little bits of wood and so on, they had the missing body parts to prove it.

“This here is frostbite” they would say pulling out the hand digits and counting them off or moving to take the boot off revealing a missing toe or two. Likewise, whilst it is easy for many to be quoted and, to say, that us kids loved the pair of them and the accompanying stories.  They were I think regarded as a pair of RASCALS, and us kids did strangely pick up on the fact that the ADULTS held them in just as reverential a fashion and manner as us little ones.


I have read today’s Hereford Times Story, this SAS Legend being given a FRONTPAGE and I think that is a Fantastic and Fittingly appropriate place for Brummie to make his farewell to the peoples and populace of Hereford, where he made his home.

He did of course leave the Regiment during the 1980’s and he did not rest on his Laurels, having written a book on his adventures and exploits and indeed going on to found “The Taste For Adventure Centre” with his wife Lynn, giving some basic outdoor adventure training skills and encouragement to new generations of kids from the council estates and deprived backgrounds and so on.

His Legacy perhaps far larger in terms of Story’s and how he chose to live his life than can be imparted through someone’s blog or newspaper article and so on, he most certainly will always exist in some fashion and manner to those of us who had the privilege to have encountered and met him during our own respective life stories.

Thank you Brummie, God Bless and Rest In Peace.



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