How Does One Define An Infinite Intelligence As A State Of Mind

So I have in recent days spoken as to Trance States, and I have heard or seen such terminology used over and over again, the problem at least for myself is perhaps the ROOT Issue, in that when you speak in any kind of SLOW MOTION you can typically fill out the so-called GAPS within sounds and sensory inputs.

Most T and R combinations might be suggested to be rooted not only in classical Terra meaning simply EARTH or something like that but TERROR.

Who wants to constantly reference and utilise TERROR as a state of mind, unless some positive aspect or coin side can be found within such thinking.

This of course as a line of inquiry then led to well why not simply think “I know, some singer a few years ago sang as to EMPIRE STATE OF MIND, so why not switch to words, phrases and meanings that are potentially less TRIGGERING of Negative States”.

Yes that is the answer, I shall opt for a Disney State of mind.

The problem then continues, because as anyone who continues so-called research into the realms of the great and the good within many realms and arts, often comes to unearth far more disparaging  materials and character flaws regarding reputations and so on than otherwise.

Some are quite plain and obvious “tell all” biographies from former staff and workers within various realms, whilst others are well documented and somewhat hard to fathom or indeed RATIONAL as to being questionable.

What does that mean?

Well if you see anyone in any walk of life opting or choosing to use ABUSIVE or BULLYING or even PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, it can be somewhat difficult to RECONCILE as to alternative viewpoints of such people.

This of course can be even more troubling when we are little and see actors and actresses on FILM and TV and RADIO and the THEATRE STAGE playing ROLES or CHARACTERS.

You see a face and recognise a face (potentially), though you do not have the mindset to be able to know a given DIFFERENCE between ACTOR/ACTRESS and ROLE.  So one day you might see Will Smith or a Bill Cosby for example in some COMEDY show such as The Cosby Show or the Fresh Prince, and are often led or given to believe that they are mostly of a similar nature and characteristics, this something also suggested as to Harrison Ford, whereby the IMPRESSION or HYPE or however is that this is a FAMOUS PERSON that you know is like this and does these characteristics and values and attributes so well that they are not really ACTING so much as simply having a day in the garments and robes of this production under this heading and title.

Likewise we can time and again see, peoples about the World whose LEGEND or attention seeking craft knows no limits as to what they themselves think is acceptable or otherwise.

We have of course seen very many STEREOTYPES as to given behaviours within particular realms and indeed particular Countries and Cultures, and again you sometimes have to wonder as to where the attention seeking DRAMA ends and the real life person begins.

So how much do we buy into these ACTORS and ACTRESSES and other peoples and persons in society (in general)  as ROLE MODELS and how much does our WORLD SHATTER when they are high-lighted for so-called other attributes and values and characteristics that the World of Spin Doctors and very often those within such circles of the great and the good “DISMISS” in terms of being given to some over DEFERENTIAL  treatment or termed PECULIARITIES or related to some given demographic such as age assisted madness and so on.

Will Smith has recently on “Good Morning America” Stated that he wants to be able to watch a Show such-as The Oscar Award Ceremony and feel that he or his children or those from some designated minorities are able to have rewarding thoughts and feelings, attributes and values and ROLE MODELS reflected back at them in the so called Mirror, and I actually do kind of CONCUR with those things, though likewise wonder how many of us “BUY IN” to the so-called CHARACTER and how many of us “BUY IN” to the STAR, being rewarded and so on.

We in the United Kingdom have seen brief reports as to Jimmy Saville and his conduct within the BBC, and likewise, it can be difficult to FATHOM or COMPREHEND that others were not AWARE of his activities and indeed not also involved in some fashion.

Of course the problem of a TARNISHED REALM or REPUTATION is one that again is dependent upon your own thoughts and feelings and beliefs as to given ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS and so on.

Likewise we are also seeing some SPY PLOT, HIGH-LIGHTED in the UK News (AGAIN), as to some Russian Guy who it has been suggested was poisoned by some of his Visiting Russian Friends, he said to have pointed the finger on his DEATH BED as to those responsible and so on, also naming Vladimir Putin, who in a Country the Size of Russia, might be forgiven for saying “who the hell is that”.

Yes apparently the chap was involved within ESPIONAGE CIRCLES and so on and so forth (unsure as to whether SECURITY SERVICES have confirmed that or otherwise), though likewise you do get the impression, of a highly selfish individual, whose own self-interest was at the forefront of his own mind and thoughts.

We any of us could fall ill and we any of us coud come up with a million and one reasons as to why some among the great and the good or alternate realms of so-called DIGNITIES are “out to get us” or indeed responsible for our flagging Health or Wealth of whatever.

Returning to the Will Smith issue and the Oscars, he has of course been possibly a little sandwiched regarding the events, as it was his wife who initially stated that she would not attend.  Again many long term fans of characters such as Will (within The Fresh Prince) might fall into some kind of psychology as to he having been henpecked manoeuvred by his missus.  Yes again, that is only CONJECTURE and SPECULATION, and he did say they discussed the matter, though likewise for every CELEBRITY VACATING a seat within the award ceremony, you will easily get thousands of others, who would crawl on there dying hands and knees to get a place at one of the so-called ESTABLISHMENT TABLES etc.

What Spike Lee and The Smith’s should or could have done was WAIT for the Ceremony to BEGIN and then STAGED A WALKOUT, if they felt that STRONGLY.  Though the “were not attending” is the continuance of giving the IMPRESSION of DEFERENCE to those who are voting and all the rest of those things, we are still your friends really, but you know, AUDIENCE blah blah.

Elsewhere we are hearing or seeing reports that our DEFENCE CHIEF is rooting for and encouraging continuation of our submarine defence and mutually assured destruction operations, that is only right I think.

The truth of course, that some behaviours and actions and continued PREJUDICE in the face of alternative options and choices is difficult to comprehend on some levels.  Some seemingly so INTRANSIGENT as Haters of this or that or the other grouping that nothing other than some annihilation and extermination is good enough in their eyes, even to the point of their own SELF DESTRUCTION even after a million and one alternative options have been presented.

Anyway yes I thought Disney State of mind and then thought well do I want Disney World or Land state of mind and happy cheerful, more Beautiful than Beautiful painted grass and tree perfectionism, or do I want the possibly intransigent fascist like mind that came up with those IDEALS and so on, yes many a Disney History is given to suggest that working for Walt was not necessarily all it was cracked up to.

Likewise of course, such ENVIRONMENTS as a Company Struggling and operating on BOILER ROOM POLITICS and DICTATORSHIPS can still win out for all in the longer haul or term, though likewise unless you adopt (for example) some of the assisted Meditation like products I recommend you can possibly be forgiven for wondering “how am I going to purge myself of these less than savoury, thoughts and feelings and so on trigger or indeed caught from spending this time around these peoples at that time of my life or however”.

Yes so difficult choices and decisions, though some clearly lead to greater thoughts and feelings of prosperity and Health and Wealth and so on, whilst others strangely nearly always lead to feuds and NONSENSE, that serves no one.

One of DONALD TRUMPS and indeed BRITISH CONSERVATIVE VALUES is claiming that they are best for small business Start-ups and entrepreneurial encouragements and so on.  Though likewise for every start-up with a boss who is positive and rewarding of staff and colleagues and so on, you will likely find other bosses and individuals, whose Policy has always been predominantly less than savoury when it comes to all and anyone other than themselves.

There is working life positive COMPETITIVE and onward and upward and so on, or there is simply the “Mine Mine all Mine of Daffy Duck on getting too the Treasure Cave prior to Bugs Bunny”.

We also of course see people over and again opting for the so-called “less than option” where having failed in some aspect or measure themselves are simply not motivated beyond sabotaging all and everyone else who does not fit “The World” as they themselves want and require it to be.

Thus typically ensuring some pre-existing STATUS QUO remains intact, above and beyond, the hopes and dreams and aspirations of others who might take away or steal the little POWER BASE they feel they have left in some fashion or manner.

We are also seeing reports as to Snow on the Eastern Seaboard of America and that is another issue unto itself of course, given that so many seeming systems exist, not only among those seeking Enlightenment and Awareness but throughout the World in terms of how we are all seemingly interconnected and hooked up or otherwise, that knowing CAUSE/EFFECT really can often simply come down to GUESSING GAMES OF CHANCE.

Yesterday the Great and The good of British Television apparently had another Award Ceremony entitled The National Television Awards (according to reports on my news feeds).  Interestingly the top honours went to some same old faces, although beyond names and so of various shows, I myself am generally unaware of WHAT IS HOT AND WHAT IS NOT.

I did in regard to the OSCARS issue, note that many Television Realm Awards shows and so on, all claimed to have a broad base and selection demographic within the many categories available in this day and age. 

Whilst some constantly CRY WOLF as to lack of representation at least within the DIZZY HEIGHTS of THE HIGHER ECHELONS, the lower teers of the very many productions and MEDIA realms are chock-a-block heaving with just about every grouping represented that those crying wolf could wish for.

Whilst many a Country such as the United Kingdom has LAWS as to some subject matter, such-as defamation and slander and incitement to racial hatred and so on, or indeed showing real life death and destruction on public broadcasting channels, many INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES do not set there broadcasters such limits, hence the need or requirement, perhaps for the pushing Through of IMPROVED MONITORING RIGHTS and the SURVEILLANCE BILL and so on, for every innocent curious person, who happens to press a wrong link on some SPAM EMAIL, you can all but guarantee that some other alternate groups and individuals are actively seeking out such sites and realms, for less than savoury purposes.

The RADICALISATION of peoples and persons, is not specific to one colour or country or ideology, and anyone who has spent time studying such things, could well point the finger at quite large groupings of very many ESTABLISHMENTS, who have cause to be questioned on such things.

The Elites and establishments very often those travelling Internationally and experiencing the World and the very many Cultures that make up the Globe.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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