Fellow American Culture Junkies


Is this not the bias of our intransigent selves, the bias that say equality for all and freedom of speech for all and free travel for all, at the cost of allowing those who want to butcher and slaughter our way of life and homes and inner and outer World with some twisted ideology that says blah blah

Yes so you can of course even with so-called speech writing just keeping on going and it does not necessarily matter what you say so much as getting some kind of outlet or passion going for a given subject matter and so on.

I started with today’s headline quite simply because we who have taken up meditation and assisted technologies have typically come to see various patterns and cycles as we go from day to day and month to month and year to year.  These patterns and cycles are often said to be almost calculable in the way that the earth rotates about the sun going into day cycles and night cycles and indeed other heavenly bodies such-as the moon are also suggested to influence such things.

Anyway not all that long ago, we in the United Kingdom were subjected to Election campaigning, between the Labour Party and the parties of those in Government.  A coalition between the Conservatives and Liberals.

The pollsters typically said that Labour were edging it if they were willing to go into coalition with the Northern SNP, whilst both Conservatives and Liberals sought to both utilise and distance themselves from the actually quite successful coalition or PARTNERSHIP they had entered into.  The polls also suggested that the Liberals were going to collapse, many a person, felt that instead of Conservative by Proxy, they may as well have some “True Bluer” etc.

Anyway during all the campaigning and so on, various Televised Debates took place, until at the very last, David Cameron REFUSED to take part in a final television debate, various suggestions given to MEDIA BIAS and so on.

All the same, it is troubling when the Leader of the Conservatives complains of MEDIA BIAS, when most MEDIA are also suggested as  a DEMOGRAPHIC to be more RIGHT LEANING than otherwise.

So huge debate then as to David Cameron STANDING ALONE in the Wilderness against the biased media (taken by most experienced adults as already being very much in his pocket/corner).

I actually think that it was at this POINT within the General Election that David Cameron managed to place some distance between himself and other CAMPAIGNING CANDIDATES, and as much as he has been given much flack since election, even from within his own Party and Backbenches, OINK, OINK, it was such DECISIVE decision making that cut through many a person’s mental Flotsam and Jetsam as to what they regarded as TRAIL BY MEDIA or STRENGTH in the face of opposition, or “doing the right thing” irrespective of Herd behaviours and so on.

Anyway typically a year or 2 later we can look across the Atlantic Pond as to the Current Presidential Elections, and indeed the canvassing at present is SPLIT between not only “The Long Haul” but the short term needs and requirements, of winning a POLITICALLY ESTABLISHED PARTY’S CANDIDACY.

So has TRUMP simply “done a Dave”, in order to win the Republican Vote and establish himself firmly in the Hearts and Heads as someone with the WILLPOWER and DETERMINATION to break free from the pack?

Yes, so the POINT that could have likely been stated without any given buildup or background is that The Cycles and Patterns often resemble a kind of SHADOWING STRATEGY.

So a given party or INDIVIDUAL representative, adopts some “sometimes” twisted and seemingly long shot or warped strategy and breaks free from the catnapping POLLSTERS and EXPERTS, to such a POINT that come polling day and so on, they are all left with EGG on their faces.

Other Peoples and Persons about the GLOBE (both political and non-political) notice when some STANDOUT CAMPAIGN occurs and seeks to REPLICATE or follow similar patterning’s for themselves.

So typically it might be suggested that TRUMP has potentially fallen into a given strategy or tactic that may well come up TRUMPS.

Yes I have spoken as to playing the Card Game Trump’s when I were a lad and indeed playing such games on the Train Journey’s with daughter and so on, when she was younger, although so many versions and varieties of decks exist that you could probably research Trump Cards and indeed find Collectors of them in much the same fashion and manner that you have long time collectors of coins and stamps and exotic animals and fish and so on.

So I will not be shocked in the slightest if Donald Trump wins or loses, whilst much is made of his being an independent self-made man, it must be remembered that America elected former actor Ronald Reagan and were it not for his Place of Birth we would likely have already had a President Arnold Swarchenegger, he having already attained the High Priest hood of Californian Governer.

Likewise, as much as America likes it’s Bush’s, it could well be that this present campaign is simply keeping the Bush Family values in place until they have someone better equipped from the family to take over the Generational Family Job.

Over this side of the pond and FAR MORE LOCAL are several disturbing story’s in The Hereford Times related to race related offences and child abuse and all those things that we want to be SHOCKING, though are not really, for a County that Voted en masse for UKIP,(they achieving 2nd place) at some other elections over the last year or 2.  In fact it might be suggested that it was only the structure of the vote and so on, and the way the system works, that probably stopped them in there tracks.

The problem of course for any Party however much it wants to clothe itself in the Flag and Unionism and so on, is that for every moderate person who has considered issues such-as immigration and Nationalism and Unelected representation in brussel’s etc, you will get far more attracted to voting for you, who simply go with the far more less than savoury agenda or so-called racist extremism and so on.

The further in fact I have progressed with meditation and so on, the more you often come to see that most parties like fishing vessels simply cast as broad a net as possible, and do not necessarily throw out all the fish they are suggested as to not want or require and so on.  SECRET LIVES and HIDDEN HISTORY’S often making appearances at some point in the MEDIA as an EXPLOSIVE EXPOSE on this, that or the other person.

Another TOPIC I found myself speaking with a colleague on recently was this issue of Life Style Choice and direction.


Well I cannot recall what brought the topic and subject up, though found myself thinking of a COMPARISON.

So guy A marries fairly young, and has a couple of children with his then wife. A couple of years later they SPLIT UP, much rows and disputes, and they effectively cut each other out of their lives and continue onward in differing directions without any kind of STRINGS.

The guy goes of gets various jobs and over the years gets a House and a car and a new wife and family, years later the CSA comes knocking and he complains at having to pay so much back calculated money to former spouse, which he does.  Although he still has a House and a car and a new wife and family and job income etc.

Guy B marries and takes on a family and also has a child within that circumstance, although the father of the elder children is not present.  They to eventually split up and go their separate ways, although this GUY does what SOCIETY says is the RIGHT THING, regularly making payments to mother of his child and having contact and so on.

This guy too gets a job, wanting to move on, and indeed initially seeks New relationships, though job career paths are seemingly blocked to him, and the job wages go without increment or increase beyond some statutory low 1 or 2 percent type figure.  Meanwhile he had saved up and rented accommodation in order to meet childcare requirements and obligations, although year on year rent and gas and electric and water rates and so on all increase some typical 4 and 5 percent, where the wage was only increasing at 1 or 2 per cent (if anything).  This guy ends up homeless and local council refuse help because he can stay with family, although he cannot AFFORD a place of his own that would fit child care needs and requirements.

So guy A is pretty much MADE in terms of what people WANT aspirations, whilst guy B is pretty much down and out, having done the “ALLEGED” right thing and being seemingly completely SCREWED by the INHERENT BIAS within the so-called social systems and so on.

Of course, these kinds of circumstance are brought about by more than just the factors mentioned, though, Society and Government has been demonstrated and proven time and again to “TURN A BLIND EYE” to many a given BIAS within many Societal sectors.

Every politician since time immemorial on both sides of the Political Spectrum and Landscape has sought to reduce BIAS or to much expenditure on a Governmental Departmental basis, whether DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, though NEVER EVER has the COURAGE been demonstrated to actually fully RECTIFY many a Societal Issue or state of AFFAIRS because such POLICY is suggested to be ELECTORAL SUICIDE.

Elsewhere we presently see complaint for example as to health and care workers, and not enough being done for a Society full of elderly inhabitants.

Let us not forget that it is probably this GENERATION of elderly people, that voted for what they now complain of, when voting for Margaret Thatcher and the destruction of COMMUNITY via encouraging SELFISHNESS through self-ownership of homes and shares and so on, likewise “care workers” are predominantly at the lowest end of so-called PAY VALUES and so on, unless they happen to perhaps have some Nursing Qualifications etc.

Despite many of the things that have occurred within my life, I still consider myself as having FAMILY VALUES and love my daughter to bits, likewise I can of course look to inspirational leaders and Teachers, though you do wonder as to how much you can do for yourself in having such community based values and doctrines when Society as a whole is generally exceptionally DIVIDED, between what people SAY they want, as to how they actually BEHAVE, especially when “local” BIAS is quite simply indisputably REFLECTED in ELECTIONS and voting patterns.

Anyway gotta go work.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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