Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations

So I once again find myself returning to the topic of deletions, distortions and generalisations.  The reason for this is of course quite simply, because it does seem to be the SUBJECT & TOPIC or AREA where most or many a SOLUTION is required.

I say this of course because it has been told over and over again, that our conscious window of awareness is tiny or exceptionally small and carries out the function of deletion distortion and generalisations as a matter of course, in our daily lives.

This perhaps where many or most of us may want some changes, in order to benefit from our accumulated lifetimes worth of lessons and learnings, within the non-conscious and perhaps be better able to switch between so-called Zones of conscious awareness.

In fact we can see when we purchase or buy back catalogues of some company’s courses, that you often see some kind of progression through the courses, where something that may have been true at an earlier stage of courses has since been adjusted or altered as new technological innovations have taken place.

So I spoke on Abundance for life, and the reason I think is that interestingly the course does also mention the Learning strategies goal setting course, although typically again I a bringing together of differing aspects of previous courses and so on.

The course also highlights this issue and topic of channels and so-called frequency or wave’s lengths and I am going on, because on each occasion that I placed myself through the course, I have found some aspect of historical memory seemingly opening up, that had become closed in some fashion.

I did say, that in studying some Hypnosis materials quite early on within my studies, much of that material was about re-focussing you on success and best NLP mechanisms and so on, though likewise do think that some aspects of memory or however were shutdown in some fashion.

This could well be to do with another Aspect of Holosync that I perhaps have not paid good attention to.

We often told of the 5 Wave Forms, Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta.

Gamma a waveform found in advanced meditators such-as Monks.

Most people’s apparently within day-to-day life come in within regions of the Beta and Delta ranges.

Whilst Alpha and Theta are suggested to be highly beneficial though often not operating on a day to day basis.

Interesting from my point of view was that the Hypnosis I studied I think placed myself much within the Alpha and Theta ranges.

Theta suggested to be a good learning state, whereby you can take information in like a sponge and are somewhat highly suggestable.

However I think I suffered from the Alpha Theta states brought about via Hypnosis because much of what was occurring within my life and living/working ENVIRONMENT was ALIEN or INHOSPITABLE or INCOMPATABLE to how I saw myself in the World and so on.

All very well having lots of Alpha states and behaviours, though it does have a tendency to possibly trigger attacks from all about yourself, they (other people) wanting to be or believing themselves to be the Alpha within given realms, many folks when push comes to shove in judgment terms are FAKES often relying on behaving in style or fashion of some CELEBRITY or FILM CHARACTER, and also of course many such a GOOD ASPECT or QUALITY is outweighed by all the Negative Stuff.

In relationship terms this is often seen over and over again, whereby some Alpha masculine traits that may cause or create attraction, are also the reason for the seemingly extreme negative behaviours, because they have not necessarily been DISTILLED enough as to separating wheat from chaff.

I do also believe that the differing elements and behaviours can be separated out, and those types that do not do that are operating possibly from lower level sweeping generalisations of behaviours rather than a good quality “Drop into Zone” elements of attributes and values.

Anyway, what was interest for myself was that Abundance course opened up memory elements or channels previously possibly shut or closed.

However I then thought about such things, and typically again wondered as to how differing British ideas and to waves and frequency and channels may differ from American.

Yes many tech’s are shared, though likewise rules and regulations are applied by differing governments in differing ways.

So I grew up in Britain (for example) that only had a very few TV channels, and likewise we had established RADIO with AM MW LW and FM with rather a lot of stations and channel choices.

We also had Citizen Band (CB) take off, in terms of everyone wanting walkie talkie’s or CB’s in the car or truck’s so they could communicate with other peoples and persons.

All these differing BROADCAST send and receive functions were typically allowed within particular FREQUENCY RANGES and BANDWIDTHS, though in reality Magnetic Waves and interference and many other things have to be taken into consideration.

Anyway I typically of course wondered why, if reading or doing this particular course can open up long lost memory elements, what other channels and so on, might I have not included with the course.

It is possible (for example) that Bill Harris and Followers dealt with this on the Holosync Blog because the Hell in a Handbasket series and follow-ups did go on for a couple of years, though long terms users would likely KNOW what they were CREATING or CRAFTING whilst dopey idiots such-as myself were merely enjoying the ride or however.

So anyway yes, I have considered contacting Learning Strategies in relation to this business of channels and frequencies and waves, spoken of in Abundance for Life because having experienced Historical Memory Access, I thought I want more fo such access in order to release.

It could of course be argued that CONSCIOUS AWARENESS is unnecessary, though you do kind of get a PEACE of MIND if you are consciously aware that you have RELEASED on some long lost materials and KNOW that you have released on said topic and materials.

Anyway the title spoke on deletions distortions and generalisations, because I do think many of our COMPARISON and FILTERS from young childhood and so on, come into play as to success or otherwise with regard to prophecy or forecasting.

Some generalised LABEL perceived as Negative is given some strong linkages to PARTICULAR ABILITES.

You then non-consciously self-sabotage those abilities (that all are capable of) simply because the AUTO-PILOT of avoid for fear of being this label is so strong etc.

So yes, I firmly believe that breaking the ancient conditions or reformulating how you see the World and differing abilities and so on can make all the difference in the World to success or failure at many an ability.

Take some sweeping alleged all-encompassing GENERALISATION and go through rounds of “IS IT TRUE”, you do often find that the beliefs around such topics and issues have not genuinely been pulled part or followed through to appropriate RESULTS or CONSCLUSIONS and so on.

Again many a person loves PIGEON HOLING or CATEGORISING others, though from a personal perspective, if the first person affected by what comes out of your mouth is you yourself, then it can often be better to do as I have repeatedly suggested as a course of action, simply have vast clearout of historical flotsam and jetsam and TRAUMA.

Yes you may well be jettisoning lots of PATTERNS and CYCLE knowledge that you want, though I do think such things can be LEARNT AGAIN with your new higher on the hill perspective.

So we UNLEARN to relearn and that is like taking the autopilot of auto and studying the structures and shapes and forms of our beliefs and then putting the jigsaw back together in a more rewarding uplifting and empowering fashion and so on.

So yes, do a course and repeat a course and see what comes up that you may or may have not previously noted.

Likewise as for the Meditation, well I have over the course of several years utilised the Main CD’s that take myself through all the entire Alpha, Theta, Delta state ranges although am now coming to the conclusion, that I could well be better of focussing once again on the THETA and ALPHA type zones.

Yes previous experience was not very good, though the POSITIVE BENEFITS of these ranges may perhaps now be better available to myself, having gone through so many years of dedicated clearing out of mental detritus and so on.

Time will tell.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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