So On This Religious Festival Day

So on this religious festival day I find myself wondering as to what advancements or otherwise have genuinely been made and what are just so-called time-fillers.

The more you study, the more you potentially become confused, this is especially true when you consider those identity like thoughts feelings and so on, that you may have about yourself when younger.  I typically in going outdoors and exploring local environments typically developed a healthy respect for those environments and in turn for my own subjective thoughts and feelings as to what I myself or “me” was or was not capable of.

Being told to not do things because they are dangerous is of course an area that we can all perhaps relate to, whereby we did something and found ourselves having been successful, though typically also possibly castigated by some external entity or character within our World.

So we develop beliefs and abilities through our own subjective experience.  Likewise of course, such things have gone through evolutions within the so-called History books of Science and History and Economics and so on as to belief in progressions.

Anyway again and again we often find that we are told that is one identifying methodology is good and this other given methodology is bad.

In terms of Science (for example) the Hypothesis and testing of Hypothesis and rigourous Scientific Method is suggested to be GOOD when performed as an OBJECTIVE METHODOLOGY.

In most instance of my own research the obsession with objective seemingly comes down to REPEATABILITY.  This demonstrated phenomena will occur on each and every occasion that this sequence of testing is carried out.

Whereas of course many so-called LA-DI-DA methodology is held to be SUBJECTIVE, in that peoples World-wide  can demonstrate very many forms of seemingly supernatural like Extra-Sensory-Perception (ESP) abilities, though they cannot necessarily be validated or verified by someone else following the various practice and rituals that the writer or Guru or Expert and so on is following.

Clearly (for example) I spoke on recently investigating the Work of Russell Targ, and he may have come into my own awareness not only via Bibliography type information within my research, though also because European City Brussel’s has seemingly become an attention Target in terms of global news media and indeed ideas as to greater European Integration issues and indeed Terrorism.

So he a typical example (potentially) of someone so tuned into his own data and research area of expertise and so on, that going through the ranks of science whilst maintaining an open mind and so on, led to he and his peers being able to demonstrate and indeed create replicable methods of ESP like abilities that pass Scientific Statistical analysis, in terms of the demonstrations being ABOVE some calculated probability  statistical expectancy.

I spoke previously I think in that each and every coin flick is a new coin flick, though us humans when younger or indeed throughout our respective lifetime years do not consider such things as resets, we usually opting for best of 3 or best of 5 in the hope that a swing will occur in the outcome of the coin toss.

So I suggested also that all any individual needs to know in order to beat the SCIENTIFICALLY CALCULATED STATISITICS is that certain numbers irrespective of probability analysis and so on, are going to occur, we consider particular numbers as lucky (for example) and likewise I spoke on a Lottery Ball syndication I once joined and later left, and that was quite simply because everyone had chosen preferred Numbers, that they kept for themselves, so for a couple for years of working life study I would WITNESS week after week and month after month that the same FEW INDIVIDUALS got everyone else’s MONEY.

Had the numbers chosen had to be altered regularly so that Favourite numbers could not be kept, more winners would have been likely seen within the broader group.

I also of course suggested that Favourites are favourites for a reason, within most sporting realms.  Many think that backing a favourite with unfavourable odds is a waste of time, though I suggest it helps build in-the idea that being in alignment with spoken of as “Lucky” INTUITION or Flow can be better than trying to BEAT the system.

Yes occasional upsets occur, within many a sporting realm, though likewise many sports personalities across many sports, have spent years in training and practicing in somewhat out-of-sight out-of-mind fashion waiting for that opportunity to perhaps move to that NEXT LEVEL within their own personalised subjective history and so on.

So from the point of view of view of win-win policies and thoughts and feelings and so on, both subjective and objective methods can be (I think) utilised successfully.

If I can do or demonstrate these so-called ESP LA-DI-DA like abilities though they are not necessarily repeatable through a scientific Objective system or process, does not necessarily mean that such things are going to be abused in some fashion or manner.

I think that one of those GREAT FEARS.

Today of course in Religious Terms related to JESUS, and I of course Having the Names David Simon may well have bought into such things rather Strongly because quite simply when you look to Biblical Realm Teaching’s and talk as to 2nd Coming’s the IDEA is often presented in terms of “The Son of David” or Solomon (for Simon) within various root understanding’s of names and


When I took up meditation and raised THRESHOLD, I of course gained a new perspective as to windows upon the World though not of it, in terms of the “COLLECTED” “EXAMPLES” and “EXPERIENCES” within my Being or heart mind and body and so on.

So we can be all too much wrapped up in a so-called EGO defined World and Story to be able to see the wood for the tree’s.

Likewise even after having raised Threshold and come to understand many a system of measurement and scales and indeed jettisoning IDEAS, Thoughts and feelings that do not serve you, you still kind of find that OLD DOCTRINES are somewhat difficult to separate out.

For Example Modern Physics has moved into seeking to combine definitions of previously thought of as subjective “Consciousness” into objective Scientific Theory, very often still based around IDEAS as to Quantum Physics and so on.

Though likewise in order to do such things, they have seemingly explored many a so-called Budhist like scripture and IDEALOGUE, because the descriptions within many ANCIENT TEXTS seemingly lend themselves to IDEAS of the now verified or MODELLED in Science Idea of Holographic Universe’s and so on.

The communication point or mechanism between time and space and generational history is perhaps still not very well understood.  We typically of course suggested to be Spiritual Beings experiencing existence within some plain of reality.

Though also connected to all that is and all that has been and all that will be, at some higher level of a Living Universe theory.

So Spiritual Medium’s who can talk to the deceased or indeed possessions of evil entities and so on within an Umbrella’d limitless SPACETIME DYNAMIC are potential realities within the subjective realm of their own personal experience and indeed the EXPERIENCE of those who consult such individuals.  Speaking on issues and topics that were only KNOWN to the deceased and so on.

I know that I have stated that I kind of switched on my dreaming abilities through constant nightmares and given the understanding I now have, it is all too easy to see that I may well have been continuously being bombarded by NEGATIVE thoughts feelings and so on within that higher plain of reality.

The persecution of Jesus Christ as well as being a story is often held up to be true, through historical documented record and so on. With IDEAS of HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE and TIMELESS SPACE, I may well through subjective experience be the target (so to speak) of two thousand years of BLAME RELIGION and JESUS CHRIST for all the ills of the World and Wars and so on.

How many people swear with curse like venom “Jesus Christ” etc. and or of course reject Religions in favour of living lives outside of the standard 10 commandments or indeed other alternative regional like teachings and doctrines, we do have a number of alternative Spiritual Traditions or religions about the Globe, and a great deal of compatibility exists among them when you study the meanings given and so on.

So from my own perspective RAISING THRESHOLD is likely the only path and remedy until I can gain some greater shift or movement of thinking toward more positive life choices and options and so on, again I know that I had many an attribute and value and belief system for those positive things in life when younger, and it has only really been during adult years that all seemingly went wrong.

I still consider that many a developer of Higher Powers and Skill set’s and Technologies and so on, not very well advanced in themselves or simply experimenting may well have optioned some form of “Let’s Kill Jesus” as to altering courses of history and creating paradox and so on.

Clearly all those paradoxical issues appear again and again throughout time and history as to what may have occurred or happened IF, we also see many such SPECULATION within media and film and TV and so on.

So Clearly in the Modelling Terms it is interesting as to what this HIGHER SPACETIME link or dimension should be called, and indeed how we ourselves regard ourselves in association with such things.

Am I being punished or have I been punished (for example) simply through the EGO of parents calling myself David Simon, without considering possible pitfalls and consequence of such things.

So yes I have suggested that peoples align with there own data and indeed take advantage of all that can be learnt from Learning Strategy courses and so on, though in raising Threshold and having released on many a topic and debate and negativity, one wonders as to how much distance is sensible between so-called IDENTITIES within REALITIES and so on.

Do the benefits of these alignments outweigh the disadvantages?

For example Many courses or Meditation’s suchas TUBES OF LIGHT tune to Rainbow Colours for Chakras, Meridians and COMPASS BEARING  etc.  Likewise we also know that a system of musical notation was linked to those very same colours and indeed that this alphabet that I am utilising to write these words with these symbols is also designed around such things.

So you can see that non-conscious or subliminal messages can be given an INTERPRETED MEANING all around us, even if the peoples doing so have done so non-consciously.

Think in terms of for example some line of cars in particular colour order as TRIGGERING some non-conscious MESSAGE to your MIND and so on.

Clearly the AMOUNT of such competing messages whether intentional or accidental are HUGE and just as some may well TRIGGER Dave S Perkins into NIGHTMARES, the same combination to someone else could be the best thing since sliced bread.

So yes, I have studied and WITNESSED and done as told by many a Holosync Officionado and Expert, and indeed found myself going through repeat cycles though often typically from another writer or author, though generally as I have gone through the various stages in step by step progressive fashion, I have come to see that those degree’s of separation become less and less.

However I have also been quite dogmatic in seeking to reduce very many inputs from multiple realms, in the hope that a HIGHER BROW level of understanding might be more beneficial.

Sadly I have to report that with the given technologies, you are likely to find ENLIGHTENMENT and AWARENESS at whatever level of Society and so on that you regard yourself.

What does that mean?

It means you can likely achieve as much success from watching so-called low brow drama and soap opera’s as you are likely to from studying more ethereal concepts and science and so on within the pages of books.

Has all that I have done in recent years been for nothing, well I can clearly say that some things have been fun, whilst others not, and indeed the letting go of undesirable thoughts feelings and alignments can only improve matters for anyone whose chooses to carry out such things.

That is not to say I encourage discrimination against all sectors of society and so on, so much as understanding that just about everyone is operating on conscious levels and non-conscious levels, and you can certainly be more discerning about the judgements and prejudices you are or are not in agreement with.

Some folks I know have historically set themselves up as rebels against all and any given authority and when you can recommend technologies and practices to such peoples and they in turn simply rally against yourself, it tells you all that you perhaps need to know.

So I personally take the individual on an individual basis, to be better indicators than group rules and so on, though likewise we are all of us at some level part of tribes and herds and Societal generations and so on.

So yes, what is the nature of consciousness? Or soul? Or Spiritualism and so on.

I have a lack of faith in Science because much about the Scientific World (for all the technologies produced) has become a pseudo cult religion in and of itself as demonstrated by some of those Internationally famed individuals whose books you can read.

I mistakenly spoke of Stephen Hawking recently, when I meant Richard Dawkins in reference to meme’s.  whilst his science and books may give folks ah-ha’s and awakenings or insights, when you see the level of discrimination on Twitter (for example) knowing how particular sectors and segments of society are easily led, you do wonder why such characters are not rounded up, when those within other realms of of other colours and races and so on are rounded upon or scaremongered about in short order no uncertain terms.

So yes, each and every person in metaphor or analogy type terms can set themselves as a 2nd coming preacher of the realm of zone of interest that they have as a passion.

Likewise those of us who have been adversely affected by such things can always consider that we may when crying out for the assistance of God, sent away the rescue helicopter, or the boat or the car, because IDEAS as to a little bit of God being in all things and peoples is difficult to contemplate given EGO IDENTITIES and IDEAS as to Man Building god in his own image.

So that of course is MAN (meaning both male and female individuals), for all the declarations of negatives on one side, you can usually find an equal level among the other sides, the trick perhaps to focus on raising you understanding and awareness and indeed focussing on your own inner World and body and mind in positive and upbeat fashion.

You cannot fully comprehend or know the PROCESSES etc. that all and sundry other folks are operating upon or indeed, how non-conscious triggers within the greater World are affecting them or families and friends and so on.

All too easy to fall into HABITS of mind as to the future you see for yourself, though likewise taking positive steps and actions and indeed seeking enlightened Role Models can perhaps make all the difference as to staying sane in a World where the best choice can really be to maintain a healthy self respective and belief in your own abilities and capabilities beyond the slings and arrows of external individuals etc.

Anyway my advice to those raising threshold etc, it to try some drawing and alternative to textual processes and creative outlets and then see how well you can make those leaps of vague descriptive notations to some object or realm linkage.

Many of the ESP visioning’s seemingly come through in broken down fashions and manners.

Hence so many recommendations as to Weird Art World pictures and so on.

You may get FRAGMENTS that are like shattered glass, in the sense of thinking you can sense components of things rather than entire complexities.

So a building may be a complete complexity whilst you can sense bricks, or colours or smell of some tree or flowers next to building and so on.

The validation or proof perhaps coming in being able to VALIDATE or VERIFY such sensing systems.

So yes, each sector of SENSING can be potentially strong or vague, though interestingly many of the VAGUE outlines when brought together in identifying a whole location or complexity are seemingly more accurate to some systems of ESP operation.

Much like a JIGSAW puzzle that has yet to be assembled, or indeed mechano or lego bricks etc.

On a day to day basis we can wonder perhaps why we are thinking about this that or the other location, only to later find it in the news or hear a friend or family member made a visit to a described location and so on.

When you keep on writing and writing and including detailed descriptions it becomes far easier perhaps to carry out so-called Cross Realm Interpretation, though I have generally avoided or not necessarily included many such things within my blog, I typically prefer to sit with pen and pad when testing such ideas and process practices.


Happy Easter, Hope you enjoying your Easter Egg’s or whatever passes for today within your World

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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