Happy Birthday Your Majesty

I am of course something of a commoner when it comes to knowing appropriate etiquette and all that jazz as to how one is supposed to behave and address Royalty and so on. Though I am also sure that those with Titles and etiquette rules are also well versed in compensating for those of us who are perhaps less aware as to protocol’s and behaviour.

Yes my earliest perhaps memories as to so-called Royalty came during fairly young and formative years, I think the 1977 Jubilee Celebrations.

And in all Honesty I typically at that time a latch-key kid, who spent a great deal of time playing out on the streets and local estate, was somewhat made-up at being presented with a SILVER SPOON, simply for attending School and all that stuff.

So wow a free spoon, who is this Queen person, yes I perhaps young enough to have been given something for free without Questioning the merits or otherwise of such activities.

These days of course, if anyone gives you anything at any time of life, you do kind of feel that some societal wide undercurrent exists as to suspicion and so on as to what they may or may not want in return.

Yes there is something about childhood innocence that gets lost in all the competitive lifestyles that we take up.

I know that time and again throughout my own life, things that I often wanted to be lucky breaks, ere perhaps often seen in differing light and that perhaps why I was so made up at finding Holosync and simply having some great mental clearout as to many an seemingly undesirable thought and feeling and indeed some of the actions brought about through those thinking strategies and issues and topics of debate.

So yes, even though I have perhaps not spent a great deal of time until the last year or two, paying great attention to Royal Activities and cycles and patterns, they have always been there in the background as a kind of testament to life and so on.

I of course also somewhat foolish in terms of my https://davidsimonperkins.com/2013/06/29/princess-diana-my-guilt-and-shame/

particular Story, although I can again now look upon such things in a differing light, after having meditated and come to terms with some of the more outrageous or extreme like behaviours that you may never consider in a regular day-to-day fashion.

So we can come to terms with ourselves, even if others are perhaps still only to willing to cast and throw stones.

The bible of course has quotes as to let he who is without sin cast the first stone, though even phrases such as that perhaps have to be shown in alternative light with awareness.

Elsewhere today I once again this evening visited markhamill@himself on Twitter.

He is currently promoting a #GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital Fundraiser) the opportunity to own a version of BB-8.

I of course completely made up once again, strange how these degree’s of separation never fail to amaze, in terms of timing and peoples taking action independently of each other and so on.  Though it does put a smile on my face when I see such things kind of clicking or coming together.

Elsewhere another piece of news that is somewhat more shocking is that the Artist formerly known as Prince who later returned to the utilisation of that title has apparently died.

Prince, was a kind of musical Protégé in his own sphere of combining Rock and Funk and he really did create his own kind of sound and indeed Niche Market, exceptionally gifted and you could typically find that you loved one track or song and struggled with the next, something very kind of similar to David Bowie (in fact) when you look at career path and indeed choices and options taken.  Confidence to follow his own style and path and so on.

This was a constant favourite down the years and is always seemingly relevant http://www.mojvideo.com/video-prince-sign-of-the-times/155ec63c14a38aaf5e99

Elsewhere I also note news that a favoured Bond film Director (Guy Hamilton) has died.

I know he was unknown to myself, though also know that he was a FAVOURED DIRECTOR because the films he directed included Goldfinger and The Man with the Golden Gun, a couple of favourites from Sean Connery and Roger Moore in the Lead Role.

So the Royal’s are apparently all gathering for a very large gathering at WINDSOR this evening for a Banquet in Honour of the Lady at the helm of the Commonwealth, and I can of course repeat many Happy Returns You’re Majesty.

Yes the Win DS or  kind of linkages I can make to my name are again something to argue until the cows come home, though the death of Musical Artist Prince, perhaps a reminder that is does not necessarily do anyone well to become overly fond of titles and all those things that MATERIALISM actively encourages us to buy into, that perhaps one of the greatest lessons we can learn from the Royal’s.

I do think that the multiple generations of Royal’s have demonstrated within there own way, that Birth’s Death, Marriage and Disaster can affect anyone, in any walk of life and at any time of life, and it is perhaps in how we respond to such challenges that make us stronger or indeed otherwise.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU MA’AM and my apologies (especially to the Prince’s) for the way in which I behaved upon the death of Diana. xxx

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 😉


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