By Whose Authority?

So I have perhaps spent to much time away from this little backwater blog of mine, seemingly favouring those realms I ventured into more than a couple of years ago now, specifically Twitter and then from Twitter into mostly the Cartoon Corner of The Guardian Media’s online site.  For me I treated it somewhat as an extension of some of the things I had been carrying out here – continuing to Meditate and Observe Witness.

I would then typically make comment on any given cartoon and then publish to Twitter, although there is always an aspect of symbiosis in such relationships in that whilst they predominantly follow Politics and Politicians – I made no secret of my own interest in various other Life Realms, whether you want to all it “now” or “trending” or running “synchronously” or “parallel” or however it is often found that ideas such-as a picture tells a thousand words can work fine if you apply the idea of the characters within such images as being an “everyman” it might outwardly appear as though it is specific and directly relating to current days affairs of state, that they very often “directly” do, though “indirectly” you can potentially take clues with regards to your favourite Touring Sport Realm or Entertainment Realm and anywhere in between, although of course practice can make all the difference – especially when so many commentators have there own favoured focus realm (so to speak) and any one of us perhaps gets more of what we focus upon – hence I can find some comments from some quite regular commentators a little disturbing at times.

Having raised my Threshold somewhat via The Holosync Solution (Meditation Technology) and indeed followed various course processes (both Holosync and Learning Strategies styled courses), it can seem like going a step backward to return to the kind of output provider that gives so many people poor mental health, raising your own threshold and awareness and enabling you to better concentrate and communicate does not come with a stamp of approval or authority for others to do likewise.

Why do I say this – well just last week – I found myself being informed on my Guardian Account – that my comments were now being Pre-Moderated – meaning that they had to be vetted by Moderators – prior to being published among the very many comments made on any given day – the Why? provided was of course a link to a disclaimer page suggesting that I was breaking “community standards” – the list provided was somewhat comprehensive and all encompassing (& many listed rules are broken regularly both above and below the line by many longstanding commentators).  Whilst such a “Strategy” might well be considered sensible from the outlet – it does seem somewhat harsh toward a generally moderate contributor – so despite disclaimers and claims that you can become reinstated through good behaviour, or contacting moderators at this email address – when zero “specific” offence reason is given, you can only assume that one or more representative individuals of the varied  tribal groupings that co-exist within the Guardian Realms has decided to silence some critic of there particular tribe – obviously many potentially sensitive topics and subjects have been covered during these times, though non more so than most days of the week of any month and years – when you consider the journalistic realms appetite for negative or controversial & sensitive topics and subjects on a regular basis (their bread & butter (so to speak)) not just from the United Kingdom though throughout the Globe.

So what else well I spent time publishing images of various book purchases that I have made on a regular basis and I have often given little as to explanation for the choices.  Again my choices are often differing from those pushed by Amazon – Best Sellers etc. and also differing from those pushed within the Guardian Online (a multi disciplinary multi cultural realm), that I have obviously gone a little native within these last couple of years through taking out a subscription; something I only did to rid myself of the many adverts that appear on such sites – I have never been keen on paywalls – because they can induce a sense of entitlement or indeed echo chamber mindsets – where at least whilst asking for contributions & subscribers – most day to day Guardian output is still available for all peoples; to the best of my knowledge. However I grew in an era where it was still popular to do interactive things – whether outdoor sports (individual or team) or indeed the earlier generation video and computer games -having my ability to interactively leave a comment on articles taken away, means I am probably likely to now cancel my subscription (not that they require finance from me) – as simply being a receiver of content – does not really engage me all that great a deal, I found this to be true in having stopped watched a lot of TV a few years ago through irregular work hours (prior to streaming),  Now I am far more discerning, and am less inclined to watch anything, simply because it is their – including many historically favoured shows and films etc. I pay for Amazon and Netflix and have access to Terrestrial TV channels and Digital and Sky and Now TV available, and am probably the one within my family who watches the least of all these things.

So the title says “by whose Authority” – this output  is my wordpress blog website, and though I have used it far less than intended in recent years, over zealous moderators cannot stop me from publishing here, because I do not employ any moderators, I am a small non-entity backwater blogger  in a World of 7,000,000,000 people, who lives in a Nation of 67,000,000 – so whilst I have perspective on my non importance in the greater scheme of things, and I do think it can be good to have an enforced break from any realm from time to time, I abhor this fashion and manner, that deliberately seeks to provoke conflict or hurt – as this action at Guardian Online clearly does (in the modern age it is the equivalent of being locked up and watching as some idiot throws away the key). I had hoped that the Guardian might be steered or encouraged toward a more ACTUAL INCLUSIVITY of people – though they continue to maintain the “Stay with your own kind” idea of progressive inclusivity that keeps the purist integrity of tribal politics and identity politics nonsenses alive, very much in tune with the present day disunited Kingdom (in fact).  They talk the talk of themselves being Left wing Rivals to assorted Tabloids and Right Wing Media, though in comparable terms are very much the same to an experienced Observer/monitor of such things, as are the modern day BBC – (tabloid I mean).  I must be old because I actually hanker after Quality Broadsheets & broadcasters of my youth – where now whether it is TV or Newspaper – they are all effectively tabloid in all but name.  Hence my constant rallying against Lowest Common denominators – not because I want to preserve some class base – though simply to be able to maintain interest in unpopular shows and subjects, a properly prepared meal and diet rather than existing on microwave meals and fast food etc. Large fanbases obviously create large revenues – though they also dumb people & societies down to such an extent that at some point you will no longer have people with the intellect or skill requirements to even make the dumbest of the shows & entertainments – just as opinion writers love saying it takes 30,000 votes for a Conservative to become MP and 40,000 votes for a Labour and 70,000 for Liberal – so it is also true of people from differing societal backgrounds & demographics trying to get on in life in the industry or life realm of their own choosing. Creating a blog or youtube channel or being entrepreneurial or whatever though your own power, relatively cheaply is where most folks can become empowered through self responsibility etc. though likewise many traditional media establishments and realms actually do a great deal of harm to people in setting out on such courses for themselves.


So anyway, I have called many establishment realms invented & longstanding Ponzi Schemes – many folks realise this (I think) at young age and then it kind of falls away as the pace of life takes over, so if you ever do invest in Meditation tech (as I did) to clear out much mental clutter etc.  It can be handy to reacquaint  yourself with the basics of such things, the framework/outlines (perhaps) rather then the specific content of any given realm.  Given my alienation from Guardian and keeping up with my Trending Synchronicity idea – I got “Custodians of the Internet” that talks on the issue of Moderators and bias and influence & manipulation. Computers & Spies grabbed my attention for the third book in this image – although as to the quality of any of the content I really think it down to how advanced anyone feels they are in experience and indeed whether they have followed similar investigative path to me.  These books were all relatively cheap, and were it Christmas I would probably call them stocking fillers.

My Big Purchase this week was actually


The Rules of Play  – again and again across many life realms – I have found that despite new writers listing older books within there bibliographies – that I often have to go and get those older books for myself because my own “meaning” and interpretation or analysis diverges from present day interpretation and meaning given by other people.  that is not to say that modern writers are not correct within there own meaning, though you can think on it as a sample of a sample of a sample where so many generational changes have occurred that just two or three generations of books with the same sources can diverge greatly from an ORIGINAL story, meaning and belief etc.

Yes there are also Mathematical models that demonstrate these things within the realm of maths, though the idea can be applied Heuristically to many life realms, the further you move from point zero the greater degree for potential calculative error etc. These things have often been demonstrated because ancient Scientists did not have the modern day models and simulations to prove or disprove their hypothesis or theories etc.

Most of the other books within this image were Freebies via my Kindle Unlimited that acts as a kind of Library book system.  I pay for Kindle Prime though rarely use much of the TV & Film or Music & Delivery Facilities that other family members use, so I can at least indulge the ability for so many great quality Library books, there really are very many hidden gems to be found and studied or researched, the writing related books above are probably unlikely to render anything I have not already seen within my studies of such things – though anything above and beyond that arrogant assumptive statement will be a bonus – and of course you get more of what you focus upon.

Now last week I published this image and suggested an OMG (Oh My God) kind of response, not because you do not actually need to spend money on these things once you have gone through the earlier stages of meditation (that is where I would spend money).  Though because I went through a spending glass ceiling of sorts.


The glass ceiling was how much was I willing to spend on these particular books, I went to University in 1999 to study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (following a return to College that saw me studying Electronics Engineering).  I could either move away from family or go to the nearest local University (Aberystwyth at that time) and study compatible courses – I was somewhat obsessed with Computers and robotics and A.I. at a younger age and circumstances conspired for me to get to return to education and fill in the gaps in my knowledge and learn all the frameworks and thinking strategies, that as an end user of Technologies you often do not have formal experience of. Sadly nor can it necessarily be gained by simply purchasing the books, for me the environment of the Education Establishment & people contributed greatly toward my improved abilities in these areas – no I do not like University comparison charts particularly, as I have fond memories however far down the pecking order the establishment is, and yes if all choices and options (without strings) were equal and free my top choice would have been Scotland where A.I. and Robotics is most advanced. Though I did what was best within my life circumstances at that time.  The book list was rather large and specialist – and the books many of which I still possess, were my first real experience of book buying glass ceilings.  Although most of us might be happy to spend a £10 or £20 on a book, how many would stretch to $40 or £100 and so on.  Multiple of my recommended University books had starting prices at £40 and above, although they could often also be complemented with cheaper alternatives with the same information – and indeed I think many Engineering Principles styled books can last a life time. Whilst programming books can also last, you often see a constant stream of new that requires a certain level of ongoing investment in yourself  etc.  That perhaps highlights the difference between hardware & Software.

With regard to the above books, the most expensive was Entertainment Science – and that struck a chord with me because, in tracking so many life realms – as I have been monitoring / observing  in recent years, and encouraging trending etc.  it seemed a perfect fit.  However I would recommend the Socionomics book, the Growth book and the Non Linear Dynamics book before recommending the more expensive book.  For me having meditated several years and continuing in my own studies of these types of works – it seemed to me that Entertainment Science was new (for the realms it claims to cover) though anyone with a basic cross-realm intelligence could make better progress through studying the other books and applying there contained knowledge to the Entertainment Realms themselves – they have a DEPTH that I did not feel came through in Entertainment Science – Maybe it is the perfect book for Hollywood minded execs & students though it seemed somewhat shallow in comparative terms – almost like a sample of a sample of a sample – that I spoke of earlier.

The other area that I wanted to catch up on was of course more direct PUZZLE and GAME DESIGN Related books – I have multiple Computer Game and VR styled books that I have found great, though I wanted to once again go back and do the compare’s with earlier generation studies of traditional puzzles and board games and so on, Hence Rules of Play this week and Characteristics of Game last week and indeed those writing Thriller styled freebies that all contribute to kind of putting you in a more creative mindset and zone & so on.

Anyway I have obviously now made up for not commenting at a News Media outlet for a week or more, and I also want to write a blog piece with regard to several other topics such as how great SCI-FI has been recently, so do not be surprised if my publishing opinion from my own blog occurs again in the coming days if not sooner, as once you start typing it can be hard to stop, and there are no rules here that I have to stay on topic without digression and all that jazz.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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